Laurie Holden

Laurie Holden


Born: December 19, 1969

Heather Laurie Holden better known as Laurie Holden is an American Canadian actress and producer. She was born in Los Angeles and raised in Toronto. Laurie graduated from University of California, Los Angeles and Columbia University. She made her debut in the television show The Martian Chronicles (1980) as a child artist. Later, she gained recognition with the shows, Physical Evidence (1989), and Young Catherine (1991). She made guest appearances in TekWar (1994), Due South (1995) and Highlander: The Series (1995-1996). Lauries notable appearances include The Magnificent Seven (1998-2000) and The X-Files (1993-2002). She also starred in films such as Fantastic Four (2005) and The Mist (2007). Laurie was recently seen in the television show, The Shield (2002-2008), The Walking Dead (2010-present) and Major Crimes (2012-present). Her upcoming projects include Dumb and Dumber To, releasing in November 2014.