Dolph Lundgren

Dolph Lundgren

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Born: November 05, 1957

Early Life: Hans Dolph Lundgren was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. Despite an early interest in playing the drums and participating in high school theatre he decided to follow in his father and older brother's footsteps and decided to pursue an engineering degree. He graduated at the top of his class and was awarded a full scholarship to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. Lundgren met exotic singer Grace Jones that year and decided to move to New York and pursue modelling. After a friend suggested he try acting, there was no looking back. His debut film was the James Bond feature A View To Kill in 1985 however it was his performance in Rocky IV later that year that garnered worldwide attention. It was a gruelling 9 month audition process with thousands of other aspiring actors but Dolph was finally cast by writer - director Sylvester Stallone as his fearsome Russian opponent, Captain Ivan Drago.

Career Highlights: Dolph Lundgren has enjoyed an incredibly successful career as an international action-hero and has starred in dozens of films since. He was cast as He-Man in the live action adaptation of the popular cartoon, Masters Of The Universe followed by The Punisher. Lundgren was able to remain sane in a tough and spiritually empty business because of the role physical fitness and Martial Arts have played in his life. In addition to being a seasoned actor Lundgren has also directed five feature films and owns a production house that develops several projects that he produces, stars and directs. His directorial debut was with the thriller The Defender (2004) followed by The Mechanik (aka The Russian Specialist) in 2005. In 2007 he wrote and directed Missionary Man. The action-packed Command Performance in 2009 showcased his long-time musical talents as a drummer. He believes although he is know best for his action films as an actor , when it comes to directing he can express his creativity in several other ways. He has also co - written, produced and starred in the film Skin Trade, an action thriller about human trafficking which is slated for release in May 2015.

Little Known Facts:

- Lundgren was awarded his third degree black belt by the World Karate Organization in Tokyo. He was captain of the Swedish National Karate Team.

- He has served for 2 years in the Swedish Marine Corps.

- He also served as the team leader of the U.S Olympic Penthalon Team during the 1996 Atlanta Games.

- Lundgren is a founding member of 'Group of Eight' , an off Broadway theatre group.

- As a regular on the New York art scene, Dolph Lundgren was friends with Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and other artists in the early 80's.

- Everyone knows how his Rocky IV character, Ivan Drago, told Stallone's Rocky that I must break you. But during filming, Lundgren nearly did exactly that to Stallone after Sly had the idea to stop faking it and play it real for the camera, just for 15 seconds. Stallone ended up in intensive care at a London hospital for nine days with life-threatening injuries to his heart. The insurance company backing the movie didn't want to pay the claim because they said the injury was more in line with a head-on car crash.

- In 2009, while Lundgren was away from his home, a group of burglars broke into his house in Marbella, Spain, tied up his terrified wife and began ransacking the place ... until they happened to see a family photo of Lundgren on the mantle. When they realized whose house they had just broken into, the thieves dropped everything and fled for their lives.